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Hundreds hail Beijing Olympic countdown at Tian'anmen Square

Updated:2008-04-30 08:24 | Source:

Tourists look at the Beijing Olympics countdown board at the Chinese National Museum in Beijing, capital of China, April 29, 2008. April 29 marked the 100-day countdown of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. (Xinhua Photo)
Tourists look at the Beijing Olympics countdown board at the Chinese 
National Museum in Beijing, capital of China, April 29, 2008. 
April 29 marked the 100-day countdown of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. 
(Xinhua Photo)

BEIJING, April 29 (Xinhua) -- Hundreds of people gathered Tuesday evening at the Countdown Board for The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in front of the National Museum, east of the Tian'anmen Square, to hail the 100 days and 24 hours countdown of the Games.

    As the clock was ticking down, more than 300 people came to the count-down board to send good wishes to the Beijing Olympics, drawing dozens of Chinese and overseas media to the spot. Some of them were taking pictures and others were practising count-down from ten to one. Police patrolling at the square told Xinhua that there were far more people than usual.

    Gerald Haman from Chicago, the United States, wearing an emperor costume of Qing Dynasty, told Xinhua that "Congratulations to Beijing. It's a big accomplish to have Olympics here."

    "It's the celebration not only of the athletic talent of the world, but the innovation talent of the people in China," Haman said cheerfully.

    A Beijing senior high school student Li Ruochen, an amateur photographer, told Xinhua that he comes to the board taking pictures every evening from around 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. since Aug. 8 last year.

    "I just to record every moment of his growing-up during the year and all kinds of people passing the count-down board." Li said.

    A 17-year-old boy from Shanxi told Xinhua that time flies very fast and the Olympics is coming soon. "I became more and more excited as time passed. Wish all the success to the Games!"

    An old couple, both around 60, bring along their three-year-old grandson, said they will come here every day just for the count-down board, adding their grandson love it much. The grandson, who kept speaking aloud "Olympics" and "Beijing 2008", told Xinhua that he love the Olympic mascot Fuwa, Beibei in particular.

Two children pose for a photo in front of the Beijing Olympics countdown board at the Chinese National Museum in Beijing, capital of China, April 29, 2008. April 29 marked the 100-day countdown of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. (Xinhua Photo)
Two children pose for a photo in front of the Beijing Olympics countdown 
board at the Chinese National Museum in Beijing, capital of China, 
April 29, 2008. April 29 marked the 100-day countdown of the 2008 
Beijing Olympics. (Xinhua Photo)

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