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Beijing on track 100 days before Games

Updated:2008-04-30 10:31 | Source:


Singers perform during a celebration held in Shanghai's Luwan Gymnasium on Tuesday night, April 29, 2008, marking the 100-day countdown of the 29th Olympic Games.(Xinhua Photo)
Singers perform during a celebration held in Shanghai's Luwan Gymnasium 
on Tuesday night, April 29, 2008, marking the 
100-day countdown of the 29th Olympic Games.(Xinhua Photo)

    The authorities plan to close factories and force 19 heavy polluters to reduce emissions by 30 percent for the two months around the Olympics and Paralympics, and measures to limit factory emission are also in place for areas surrounding the capital, including the city of Tianjin, the provinces of Hebei, Shanxi and Shandong, and the Inner Mongolia region.

    Based on a study released last month by IOC's medical commission, Rogge said that the health of the athletes is "absolutely not in any danger" during Games time.

    Officials are also confident about bringing traffic congestion under control with a ban on some cars during the Olympics and a plan to set up special lanes on key roads that link competition sites with the athletes' village, the media village and training venues.

    "Private vehicles, excluding taxis, will be ordered to stay off roads every other day in accordance with the even and odd numbers on the license plates," Beijing's vice mayor Ji Lin said last month.

    "The government is working on a compensation scheme for car owners and we will announce it later," he added.

    Highlighting the public's enthusiasm for the greatest show on Earth, more than one million people were in the hunt for an Olympics volunteer's post and training programs are well under way.

    Third phase of the domestic ticket sales will start on May 5, with large crowds expected to chase the remaining 1.38 million tickets for 16 sports including volleyball, athletics, boxing and football.

Opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics